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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wonderful Insight from Suravi

Suravi, a friend of my mother's in India, sent me an e-mail this morning.  It was a welcome perspective and it helped me in my thinking so much that I wanted to share it with everyone else reading the blog.

Well, let me introduce myself- I am Suravi Mukherjee and I work with Sue from India.
I heard about Todd from Sue and believe me, I was taken aback.
I make it a point to read the blog about Todd, of what you write every day.
Trust me you are doing a great job.

I also kept the-“Fasting Sunday”, with your entire family member for Todd and our prayers have been heard.
I was a silent reader of your blog till date but today when I was reading the blog, I thought I should speak up, because my suggestions may help you guys to cope up these kind of situations.

My mother-in-law, also had 5 strokes, 3 years back which was much worse than Todd, she was in COMA for more than 16 hours and had an operation much serious for 7 hours. Doctors had given up all hopes of her surviving and said us very clearly that if she survived she will never the same person.

That was 3 yrs back but today she is just the same person what she was before.

I have seen it all. What emotional busters Todd is having is a GOOD sign. That means his thinking ability is coming back slowly he has not lost his mind J
Bear with him please and these will continue 2-3 months. Let him think on his own.
That’s what I wanted to share, with you...

Don’t stop writing……

1 comment:

Hayes said...

That is amazing! I am glad she sent it, and that you posted it. It helped me see a much bigger picture. Thanks, and thanks again for taking the time do this blog.