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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we still on day 10?

Adding to what Brett wrote below, I have a few comments.

In regards to the therapy of today. Most of what Todd did today was more on the evaluation level than actual therapy. They were establishing baselines so they will know where he needs help more, and also as a means of seeing progress. You gotta start somewhere, that that somewhere is what they were looking for today.

The speech therapist is Emily (not Oliver's OT Emily, though I think she works at IMC somewhere) and Todd thought she was "really pretty" and apparently had a hard time concentrating on her questions, so he kept closing his eyes (then he got smart and looked at me instead.) She did ask him "easy" questions like the month, who is the president, etc. She also tested him on "story" problems, where she would read a story, and then ask him questions about it to establish language comprehension, grouping questions, like "what would you call water, paint, and cream?" (Answer: liquids) She did them in groups, to show pattern (What would you call a camel, a chicken, and a dog? Answer, animals) She asked him problem solving questions like "what would you do if you were driving and ran out of gas?" She also checked his oral motor skills, which as Brett reffered to, are fine.

I missed PT, so I can't give any more details on that, however I was there for OT. The OT who saw Todd today will probably not be his premanent person, so I didn't bother remembering his name. He was great though. He started out with sequencing puzzles. He gave Todd cards that had pictures which told a story, and had Todd put them in the proper order. Todd really struggled with this, but got it right with help. Next was a peg puzzle, which was timed, and Todd had to complete it with each hand seperately. They checked his hand strength, and found contrary to what PT found, it appeared that his left side was the strong side. They established this by having him squeeze various aparatuses that measure how hard he is squeezing, in various positions. He made the therapists day when he was asked, in order to establish how they could gear his therapy toward Todd's interests, "WHta do you like to do?" and Todd thought about it, grinned, and pointed to me. I told you, NO filter. We all blushed, and of course Todd had to go into more detail.

After OT he was exhausted, and had a nap, and a shower. He had some visitors then, the Taylors from our old ward stopped by, Bobi's grandfather is in the room next to Todd's. Todd did remember them, but not their names. They stayed for a few minutes, then he had dinner, and was ready for some more rest. I left to go get Oliver at just after 6:00. He has his cell phone to call me if he needs me, but hopefully he'll have a quiet night. He is still under 1:1 care, so his CNA will be with him through the night, but I anticipate (and hope) that that will not be needed soon. His balance is improving all the time.


Jj Starwalker said...

It seems to me, from OLD neurology stuff, that there is a difference somewhere between hands, eyes and feet at least, in strength/dominance. Like you might be right handed (and therefore expect your right arm/hand to be the stronger) but you left eye or your left foot might be dominant and then it seems to me that they would be the stronger.

Is the filtering thing something that they think will come back with time or that they expect him to have to learn? I have no idea how much of that might be considered inherent and how much is learned societal behavior...

Cassie said...

I am SO glad he's progressing so well and improving. I've been watching your other blog like a freaking hawk waiting for an update so I'm thrilled about this one!

Amelia for some reason, even though we chatted on the phone a couple months ago, I don't have your number. Can you call/e-mail/text me that so I can check on you? I'd call the hospital but I don't want to wake Todd if he's sleeping. And I know how it is to be bombarded with a million visitors at once and I don't want to do that to you guys. 631-1125/cassiebeckstrand@yahoo.com

Lots of love to your family. We're thinking of you praying for Todd's continuing recovery. xoxo

loudaisy said...

I am so happy that you guys started this blog. I have been meaning to get a hold of Amy to be invited to her private blog. I am glad we now have a place to ck on Todd. I love the dinner video. My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly We love you guys