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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 12

Today I went up and stayed with Todd for an hour and a half while my dad had his hair cut and Amy was picking-up Oliver for a visit with Todd. I was also able to be there for two of his therapy sessions: speech (ST) and occupational (OT).

The speech therapy revolved around helping him reconnect with his vocabulary. Todd did very well and was only off a little by things that probably would have stumped me. Occupational therapy had Todd playing a game of checkers with the therapist. Todd was able to move the pieces well and understood the rules and strategy. A couple times we had to ask him if he really wanted to make a certain move, but I do that with my kids and they do it with me all the time too.

We also walked around and Todd introduced me to his "gang" of nurses and therapists. He also brought me to the dinning hall where we got a soda and some crackers. Back in his room we talked about the view out of his large window and worked on playing with a PSP. He had a little trouble, but was understanding it very well. In my opinion, playing games like that could probably help. But that would be later, after he gets the basics down. The good news for me is that I might actually have a chance to beat him at some games; for now.


Tali said...

WOW!!! We are all watching a miracle unfold before our very eyes! We can't wait to see you tomorrow Todd!
Tali,Dev lil, and baby kelle

Jj Starwalker said...

Yeah, I would second your thought about computer/Playstation/WII games...

Thanks again for keeping this central location for info going, guys (and gals)!

janet said...

I just found out yesterday about this stroke and we were so sorry. We fasted yesterday and will continue to pray for Todd. Please tell Aunt Laura and all the family we are also praying for them.
Janet Bradshaw (Aunt Allie's daughter)

janet said...

Just wanted you all to know (please let Aunt Laura also know) that you are always in our prayers.
(Aunt Allie's daughter)