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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 9

I have a quick update and will post more later.

Todd is in his new room (1203) and apparently it is even bigger than his old room that held two people. There is a couch and plenty of room to move around. This is good because now Todd is up and getting around the room on his own.

It has been an emotional morning for Todd. He has shed some tears and felt pretty tender. This doesn't mean you shouldn't come visit if you are planning on it. I am feel confident that he would still like to see you.

Speaking of visiting, the reason he won't start the aggressive therapy until Friday is today was his transfer day and tomorrow is a state holiday. This means that the post 4pm visiting hours won't take effect until Friday. So if you can only get away in the pre-4pm hours, come today or tomorrow.


Amelia said...

Just a small addition to Brett's post. Todd would like people to visit, however we (his dad and I) have noticed that when he gets tired, which he does frequently still, and quickly, his mental state goes down hill quickly. So we have appointed ourselves as Todd's keepers, and ask that when you would like to visit that you call first to confirm that he's up to it before you come. Otherwise you stand the risk of being turned away at the door. Well, you still stand the risk, because like I said, it can happen quickly, but at least we can better gauge how up to visitors he is. Thanks.

Amelia said...

Phone numbers to call: either my or Al's cell phone, or his room, (this should be your second choice, so as not to wake him if he's sleeping) 801-507-1203.

Amy's dad said...

High blood pressure is "THE SILENT KILLER." Check your bp at any pharmacy. It's free. The larger of the two numbers should be under 130, the smaller under 90. Any higher calls for a re-test when you are rested and stress-free. If it's still too high, see a doctor ASAP! Todd's strokes were NOT caused by high blood pressure, but most strokes ARE.

Limiting my daily sodium to 1000 mg and switching to "no-salt" (potassium chloride) enabled me to control my high blood pressure without medicine. It took me 3 weeks to get used to the taste of "no-salt". It's not as good as salt, but it's way better than a stroke.