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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 10

Since my wife was sick with a stomach flu, I didn't head up to see Todd today. However, a call from my dad brought some news.

Despite what I said in my last post, today was the first day of Todd's aggressive therapy. I guess the holiday didn't phase the therapists after all. So early this morning (9:00 a.m.) Todd was walking up and down some stairs by holding on to railings, walking for about 20 minutes, and doing other activities.

During this therapy, they found he does have a side that is weak. This means that the stroke did affect one side of his body, but it isn't very pronounced. His left side is the weak side. Another problem is that even though he can't walk well on his own or do other physical tasks, he thinks he can. This basically means that he can't be left alone at nights and there is a "fall risk" sign on his door.

He also had speech therapy, occupational therapy, and something like everyday living therapy. Some of this therapy consisted of four pages of questions. My dad said these weren't questions like, "Who is the president?" and "What is your son's name?" They have asked those questions, but these questions were like riddles. Things that could tell the therapist how Todd's brain was processing information.

I don't have a lot of detailed information from the therapists, but I'm sure when Amy checks in again she will have that kind of information.

I do know that the doctors and therapists continue to be amazed at his progress. Physically, mentally, and with his speech. He also has continued to sleep a lot. This should be standard now. The mental, emotional, and physical drain from the therapy will be rather immense.

Another positive side is that Todd eats a better breakfast than I do. This morning he had bacon, eggs, and potatoes with onions. He is on the "advanced" diet.

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Elder Fallick said...

If Todd has a weak side, he should be receiving range of motion exercises. A lot. I have training and experience in this, and am certified, and will volunteer to help.