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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2

The stroke team at the Univeristy of Utah Medical Center has determined that Todd has had three strokes. Each of them in a very critical area of his brain. The good news is that these strokes were not very deep into his brain. This team has run their own CT scans, MRIs, chest x-rays, and now EEGs. This is Todd hooked up to the EEG machine.

Todd has again been sleeping most of the time. While he still hasn't opened his eyes, he has said a few words with a little bit of slur still lingering in his voice. He has also been able to make his body do what has been asked of him. He can raise and lower limbs, move around, or perform other motor control functions. Just as important to me, there isn't a paralysis of one side of his body. For some reason this seems like a very good sign.

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