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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 6

This morning, Dad called and gave me a very positive update.

The physical therapists were in and got him out of bed. The two therapists told him he had to keep his eyes open while he was up and Dad said he kept them open for the most part. They had him stand by his bed and then walk in place to help him get his balance. He didn't have any problem there, so they had him walking around the halls, dad following with his IV. This wasn't a hunched over or dragging walk, but a walk standing-up straight without incident.

Todd's sense of humor appears to be coming back more and more. As they were washing him in preparation for his walk, one of the nurses said, "I'm washing your back now." Then when finished there said, "I'm going to be washing your bum now." Whereupon Todd said, "Hmmm, this is great, I'm going to have to come here more often."

Another time he didn't recognize Amy, and after being told it was Amy, the nurse asked Todd if he knew who she was. He said, "That's the first one I married."

While walking, the therapists were having him do all kinds of tests to check his physical level and ability. One of them told Todd to squeeze her hand. When he did, she said, "Geez, I said squeeze it not break it. I want you to gently squeeze the other hand now." Dad also made sure Todd knew that his two therapists were rather small and if he fell, he would take the therapists with him.

Apparently all of the doctors, nurses, and therapists working with Todd have agreed that once they can get Todd off from all the drugs, he should be able to start talking and thinking more clearly. Right now he still slips between dream-state and reality in his conversations. While this is a little fun from an older-brother point of view, especially when he decides to start singing, I'd rather have him lucid.

Tonight, Mom said that she talked with Todd and could understand most of what he said. She also reported that he ate a plate of mac & cheese, some yogurt, and drank a glass of juice and milk. My dad said that they will evaluate his eating progress after breakfast tomorrow and if things are staying in his stomach, they will take the feeding tube out of his nose.

After dinner, my dad reported that he and Todd watched Oceans 11. Watched? That's right, today my dad said he kept his eyes open 80-90% of the time. I can't wait until tomorrow when Alex and I go for a visit.


Tali said...

he ate? that is awesome! and i also can't wait to see him, eyes open and i hope to see his humer too. thanks for starting and up dating this blog.

The Taylor's said...

We are so glad that he is making progress. We all hope he comes to a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Jeff, Catherine, Malisia & Kate Taylor