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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good bye, ranks of the unemployed, hello ranks of the under employed

I can't write a ton because, well, on top of it also being my first day back s a solo parent (you wouldn't think it would be this difficult an adjustment) I'm also sick as a dog. Or maybe a pig?

But Todd is working. He started today. He's working at Deseret Industries, (hereafter referred to as the DI) which is a thrift store/vocational rehab/humanitarian center run by the LDS Church, for those of you unfamiliar. He will be cashiering, and working 4-5 days a week, from 10-4:30.

This morning he got up and out the door on time, completely on his own, no nagging from me whatsoever. He drove today, but since the location is so near our house, he has plans to ride his bike on days when it's not raining or too warm, so he'll be getting some exercise to boot.

He will also probably be starting at the Applied Technology College. He's finding web design to be extremely difficult now, and will probably need to change directions career-wise.

I'll write more when I can think without it hurting.


Jj Starwalker said...

That is great news! About Todd's job that is.. sorry it coincided with you being sick.

Get well soon...

Camilla said...

wow that is great news that he is starting to work again! I bet its nice for him to get out and about on his own again and feel like a grown up. sucks to be back as a stay at home mom with out the adult company though! i hope you all find your groove quickly with the changes!

Darci said...

Hooray for Todd! Good Luck! I know you will do GREAT :)