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Monday, May 18, 2009

Service project, anyone?

I had a conversation the other day with one of my sisters about the ability to ask for help, which most people, myself included, are not so great at. But by necessity I've learned how to do it a little better over the last year. But I need a little more practice. And yep, the Thelins still need help.

We desperately need help with a couple of things. They are things that Todd v1.0 would have typically been able to do by himself or with my help, but Todd v2.0 is having trouble getting up the wherewithal, and getting organized to do it, I'm clueless, and we don't have the money to hire it out. So if anyone has expertise (or some experience, or even just willingness to learn by doing?) and wants to earn some brownie points (and hey, I might just throw in some actual brownies to sweeten the deal) we could sure use some help with:
  • Our sprinklers. Heads being replaced, a broken pipe fixed, basic stuff like that. We've never had sprinklers to deal with before. We did manage to get them turned on, figured out what zone is what, and even changed a wire to hook up one zone that was miswired. All by our selves! But the knowing how to fix stuff is beyond our realm of combined capabilities.
  • Hooking up ceiling fans. We bought fans just after we moved in last year, then Todd had his stroke, and I didn't want to install them in case we had to put the house back on the market. Turns out that we are blessedly able to pay our mortgage, for now, so they need to be installed before we wind up roasted and basted in our own juices. I think the fans need to have another wire run, because we just have light fixtures there now, and I want, if at all possible, to have both the light and the fan on dimmer switches. I know, picky picky.
  • And if you happen to have an aerator, or know some one who does, our poor lawn, which, crappy as it looks, is actually immensely improved over last year, needs it badly. So that when our sprinklers are fixed, the water can actually get down in there.
If you can spare a few hours to help with any of these things will you please call either Todd or me? Thanks for your continued help and prayers. With God, and with good neighbors, family, and friends, all things are possible.


Darci said...

Hey, I know my husband, my dad, and my brother-in-law can help with the sprinklers AND the fans. Brent has always changed and added lighting in our house and Josh use to do electrical work in construction. All three actually helped put in our sprinkling system and have had to change heads and fix pipes. E-mail me the details and we can work something out (LOL, glad I volunteer others - but I can come hang out and you can see how big Brayden has grown since Christmas). Darci.brainich@hotmail.com

Hayes said...

Christopher knows about sprinklers, he said he could come over and help you out. Saturday would be best, maybe evening time, or maybe after work one day he can stop by and see what you need done to see if you need parts or anything from the store. Just call me.

Darci said...

For some reason I get failures every time I try to reply to your e-mail! You are in luck! Brent works nights and my dad is a school teacher and school is out the end of this week. Thursday's would be perfect. How about the 11th? Let me know . . .

Johnny Sloan said...

I can help out if you need.