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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Words of encouragement

This recover stuff is HARD. Todd and I talked about it last night, and were reminiscing about all the physical therapy he had to do when he had shoulder surgery several years ago, and we thought that was hard! So I thought it might be nice to have everyone (I mean everyone) who reads this blog post a comment to let him know just how many people care, and are rooting and praying for him.

So how about it? Who all is out there? Let's hear it!


ebhanse said...

Uncle Todd,
Don't be afraid and eat some lucky charms. I love!! Lucia Noel

ebhanse said...

Uncle Todd,

I love you and I know that I miss you very much. And I love you so much. Remember that you are brave. Thank you again for my yellow blanket and for all of my brother and sister's blankets. We know that you love us and we love you so so so much.

Samuel Erik Tao Hua

ebhanse said...

Hello Dragon Uncle Todd,
I love you!! Do you want to hear a story.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Unicorn and she had many friends. Two who were a chickie and a princess. One day there was a beautiful rainbow and the three friends went out to go to a Unicorn camp where they could see the rainbow. It was so much fun. They then saw there friend Dragon and her Uncle who had been sick. The Unicorn and her friends chickie and Princess asked how they were doing. And Dragon said she was so happy to be looking at the rainbow with her Uncle dragon again. The End.

I can't wait to see you again. Let's go look for rainbows when I come for my birthday.

Love Sophie Snow

ebhanse said...

Uncle Todd,

I love you to the moon and back.



ebhanse said...

Uncle Todd,

ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh rawher!!

This is Karrsten sending you some of his giggles and a roar, because Sophie Snow told him that you were a Dragon Uncle.

Karrsten Rangner Tian Ci

ebhanse said...

Hey Toddo,

What an amazing person and brother you are. You always defy the odds and show those who don't know you, your strong tenacity and spirit. Keep up the good fight and know that you are never alone in this process. And that it is always darkest before the dawn.

Love you tons!!
P.S. Expect my call tonight, for it is Taco Tuesday. And a habit is hard to break ;)

Tali said...

What a great idea! Todd I am blown away at the work you are doing! Your amazing. And I pray for you everyday! oh so does Lily! We love you!

Lori Caldwell said...

Hey Todd,
This is Lori Caldwell - I worked with you and Amy at Ingenix. I was so saddened to hear about your strokes and have been truly amazed at the rate of your progress. My teenage son was hit by a car a couple of years ago and has made a full recovery.. after a couple of surgeries and a ton of physical therapy. He is now back to his pre-accident self..playing football..playing drums in his band.
I truly believe it was his positive attitude and strong will that helped him make a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you go through your recovery. Hang in there !!! Love Lori

Aaron and Heather Flater said...

Todd and Amy,

I received this blog site from Kathy Lee because we had much concern and our thoughts were with you, so she referred us to your blog for updates.

We are happy to hear that you are improving and overcoming such an incredible trial in life. It has been wonderful to see improvements and milestones with your recovering.

Amy, you are an amazing woman. You have such strength, faith and compassion. Thank you for being an example to others.

Please take care and know our thoughts, encouragement and prayers are with you!

Heather & Aaron Flater

Hayes said...

I don't know what to say except, WOW! I don't think I would be able to recover as fast as you, Todd. From the very first day people were saying how strong you were. I remember coming to see you in the hospital the next day and your dad saying how he knew you would work hard and give everything you had to your recovery. There was no question in his mind or mine, that you would be able to handle the long hard recovery it would take. And props to you for doing it! It will be a long road, but we are all here for you. Hayes ( and Todd, no making fun of me for my Fallick spelling, just in case anything is spelled wrong :-)

ebhanse said...

Hey Todd,
I know that right now life is hard, but know big brother that I know that you will succeed and be back on your feet being the you that we all love. You are a wonderful person and besides me you have a family as well as friends rooting for you. You can do it as you are the train that could , but instead of I think can say I know can and will. I love you

Dallas Brown said...

Hey man, hope you are feeling better. We are wishing and praying for the best for you. Stay strong and know that I love ya. -Dallas

Mary said...

Hey Todd,
Just letting you know that Ben and I are praying for you and we read your blog every day. We hope that your recovery is smooth.
Love ya

Jj Starwalker said...

I check in every day, first thing, along with reading the world and national news, checking the weather and writing the "words of wisdom" that are part of my current spiritual practice.

And as part of that practice, I invoke blessings on YOU, specifically, Todd -- and Amy and Oliver as well -- each and every morning and that the Gods for their help as you walk this path.

I have not been following the Olympics -- seems to me your "training" is at least equivalent -- and much more important -- than that of the best Olympic athlete. And I am sure you have every bit as much energy in your "cheering section" even though you cannot hear us sitting out here in the bleachers.


Thora said...

Avram and I read this every day, and are also praying for you Todd (and Amy too) lots every day. We've been amazed at how well you've been doing in recovery, from the first day when the news sounded really bad until now, when you're at home. Avram's parents and sister that we're living with even remember you in all of their prayers.

Recovery is hard, and I'm sure it seems interminably long at times, but it does happen fully. I had a professor at who had had a stroke, a serious one, even, and the only read effect was that his handwriting was as good as it had been. Keep on truckin' Todd! We love you guys - Thora.

Neal said...

Hey Todd. Keep up the good fight. You seem to be making a fast recovery. Wish I could come to visit, but I'm a little far away at the moment.

Brett Thelin said...

Our whole family regularly prays for you and talks about how much we care about you. Specifically, this has given us all a chance to reflect on the wonderful blessing you have been in our lives. Each of us looks forward to the new memories we will make with you.

Get better, sleep, and remember to use some of this time to increase your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Remember when Meagan was first learning how to read? We told her that reading the scriptures would help her learn how to read faster and better than any other program. You know how that turned out. Perhaps as part of your therapy, continuing to read the scriptures will prove to be just as amazing and rewarding.

I love you Todd. We love you.

Brett, Alicia, Meagan, Madeline, and Alex

Anonymous said...

Hi Todd -
I know you don't know me, but I know you and Oli throught he adoption website Amelia posts on. We are all praying for you!!!! Shirley & Clara

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,

I am an online friend of Amy's on our Forever Families board. Though I have never met you or your family, you have all been in my thoughts and prayers ever since Amy let us know that you were in the hospital. It has been a blessing to "watch" how quickly parts of your recovery have been and while I can only imagine how hard it is and how much work there will be, I sense that you are the man for the job, with a great woman beside you! Keep going - one day at a time!

Barb (Forever Families)

Nancy Brown said...

I know Dallas allready signed but I am going to sign to. Todd, Thanks for taking such good care of my hubby before I met him. You are and where such a big part of his life. We hope for your quick recovery and check on you often.

Amy, keep being strong. Break down when you need to. Its ok to do all of the above several times a day. Keep up the great work Todd.. we love you and your family

Nancy Brown

Cassie said...

Todd- Keep up the good work my friend. You looked awesome when we came to see you. We are MORE than ecstatic that you're finally home with your fantastic family. Life's just better when you're close to loved ones.

Amelia- Hang in there! You're an amazing woman. You guys will get through this. Love ya both!

Jj Starwalker said...


(don't ask me... that was 13 of 9, our latest kitten.... )

Yes, even the cats read your blog and Brandi (St. Bernard) but her paws are too big to type.

Coolclan said...

Hi Todd,
You don't know me, but I visit the Adoptive Moms online board with Amy. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and praying for your whole fmaily often. You all mentioned rehab. I remember when my husband had to rehab a snapped Achilles tendon. Weeks and weeks and weeks... I can only imagine how much more work this is (and your body and and already doing lots of hard work just trying to recover). Just know that there are lots of people out here praying for you.

R&TJosephson said...

We love you! You have come so far, so quickly that we have been amazed and inspired by your determination and hard work. Know that we think about you, and pray for you, and we know that your recovery is going to continue with all the miracles and blessings it has shown already.

Teri, Ryan, Payton, and Madison

Barbara said...

We're pulling for you. We're checking with Amy about a good time to visit in between trying to help Camilla as she is never to be left alone since she isn't supposed to lift anything heavier than her baby. We're set up a tentative luncheon date and card game for August 20. You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we check this blog daily. We realize the work ahead is just plain hard for you, Amy, and anyone else working closing with you or as support. You can do it!

Taylor's said...

Our concerns, prayers and fasting are always for the family and Todd recovery.

The road may be long right now but when you look back . . . it will seem as a little glimpse in time (or I pray that will happen).

Call us when ever you guys are up for Jamba Juice!

Jeff, Catherine, Malisia & Kate Taylor

Jed and Kate said...

Hey Todd! I've also been a regular visitor to this blog to check up on your recovery. I have been so blown away by how quickly you have improved and the amazing strides you have taken toward full recovery. Jed and I pray for you regularly and we know that you and Amelia and Oliver are being watched over and strengthened by Heavenly Father and his angels. It sounds like it is an uphill battle for you, but there is no question that you are a strong person who can push through this--especially with God's help. We are thinking about and praying for you all the time! Keep it up!

Burnhams said...

We here in California are rooting for you Todd! (and Amy too!)
Travis and Heather

Anonymous said...

This comes from the East Coast... you are one amazing man! You have been working very hard and we have been praying very hard for you.

One day at a time, one step at a time!

Smiling is great medicine.

Lisa and Mason from AP board

tod said...


Get better and stuff so you can come back to work. You might not believe it but we miss having you around the department.

Rick said...

Tod, We (Ingenix I.T. "Idiot Techs") have all been thinking about you. We all check this site daily. You will be 100% again. I know it. Take care, Sooch

RaChelle said...

We are all pulling for you and continue to keep you in our prayers! Hang in there through the tough times, remember how far you have come, and have faith that the future will be great!

RaChelle, Charlie, Hailee, and Kelton Sumpter

p.s. As we attended the Hunstman family reunion last weekend, you came up over and over again. So many people are thinking and praying for you (many of whom don't know about the blog and many others who do not have computers and/or the knowledge to follow your blog). You have so much support out there!

Nick, Sonja, Andrew, and Madelyn said...

Hey Todd and Amy,
We are from the Hunter 6th Ward and love reading about how well you are doing! My older sister had a stroke when she was 23. She was sent away from Pioneer Valley Hospital because they told her that she was just having migraines. The next day when she felt like she was dying, her husband took her to LDS Hospital. They diagnosed that she had had a stroke and found that a clot had passed through a hole in her heart into her brain. She had also just miscarried after trying for 4 years to have a baby.
I tell you all this because it turns out that if she would have given birth (because of the size of the hole in her heart) she would have died. So we don't always know why these adversaries happen but we do know that it will make us stronger and help us in our journeys.
After they fixed my sister's heart she got pregnant (without any medication) with twins!
Sorry about the novel, but we just wanted to let you know that we pray for you and your family and we hope that you continue to do as well as you have!

Anonymous said...

Hi Todd,

The power of prayer is working. You are home and with your family. That is the BEST medicine anyone can ask for.

A positive outlook and keeping a smile on your face will help you thru the rough times.

Make sure you get tons and tons of hugs and snuggles from Oli. That alone will help you recover.

Sending you tons of prayers all the way from NJ.

Cathy and TJ
From the Adoptive Parents Board
aka Forever Families

Katrina Miller said...

Hey Todd!

Just adding my voice. I'm thinking of you and sending you thoughts of encouragement.


Katie said...


You are definitely in our prayers each and every day! We are amazed at the both of you...your examples of faith, optimism and hope! We are proud of your family for being so strong through all of this! We will continue to pray for all of you, especially Todd! Please let us know what else we can do! We are happy to do whatever. We'd be happy to take Oliver or do anything else that is needed!

Love, The Egans

Allison Thelin said...

It was really great talking to you for that brief minute today! I've really missed talking with you. We miss you a lot and wish we could be out there to help out with everything. Those conversations you have with Tim help him out a lot. He misses you. We're working hard to come out either for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it really depends on Tim's job which one, but we can't wait to see you. I know you have been working really hard to recover from this and am so amazed by your strength. You and your family are always in our prayers! Love you, Allie

loudaisy said...

Think about you everyday and in our prayers also. We love you and your cute family.

Kersten, Laurie, Noah and Sofia

jjones said...

Big Todd--
Like Tod said, we miss you here at work. Production meeting just isn't the same without you. Keep up the hard work on recovery and we hope to see you back here soon!
And I hope you and Amy can make it to MACU prom!

Anonymous said...


Just want to wish you well and let you know that you I miss seeing you around the office. Your humor is legendary in the Marketing department and something I miss. Take care!


Anonymous said...


Keep hangin' tough bud... your absence is definitely felt here at the office... just yesterday they wanted me to start programming something... here comes the blue screen! Chat at ya later.


arianne said...

we are thinking of you Todd and pray for you every day. I love reading about your recovery and you have come a LONG way!!


Greg Arianne and Anika

MarKay said...

This is what Dawson told me to put: Get some good medicine and a bandaid :)

Todd we love you and pray for you all the time. It sounds like you are making excellent progress. Good luck and know that we are always thinking of you!

-CR and MarKay

Michele McFarlane said...


Sending best wishes and prayers for your speedy recovery. I want to see you back in one of my training classes here at MACU, as you always have great insights and are a delightful person!


Cory and Kathy Lee said...


We like everyone else have been watching the blog closely to see how you are doing. All I can say is it's amazing how far you have come in such a short time. You truly amaze me. You are doing Awesome. You and Amy and Oliver are in our prayers. Keep up the great work!!

Cory and Kathy Lee

Shan said...


You are such a wonderful guy and I am so lucky to know you. Keep up the great work on your recovery. Know that I am thinking of you and love you.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you and your family, and I'm so glad to hear that you are recovering so quickly! I'm sure it's hard, but you are very blessed to have so much support from your family and friends and so many prayers offered in your behalf.
Carol Butler

Misty and Jake said...

HI guys! How did I miss this post? I have read every other one but this one.... SO here I am to post :)

I am so PROUD of you. Proud of the remarkable progress you have done so far. This is tough and I KNOW that you can do this. You Todd will accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to. That I know :) I know that just as much as I know the church is true :) SO that speaks for it self!

We love you guys and miss you! Look forward to your daily 6 o clock calls from me here soon. I know that you looked forward to those calls when I would call Lola on my way home from work to know what time it was heheheh :)

Take care! :) See you guys soon! We get back on the 27th and after we get back we need to take you guys out to dinner since I failed at bringing dinner over before we left!

Misty Muffy May Andrews
(darn.. My last name starts with the wrong letter. Oh well :))

Gini Webb said...

Dear Todd,
Todd you don't know us, I am a friend of your Mom's and we met thru Genealogy/Family History and have become close.
I just want you to know that you are an amazing person and show in incredible amount of strength and courage. Your progress is so incredible and I have no doubts that will not allow anything to hold you back. You are truly an inspiration and remind me not to worry about the small things in life. Family and friends are the most important, you have an amazingly supportive loving family that is there for you always. I really like how your family blogs and stays in touch with each other, that is something. Amy I admire your strength, and Oliver will keep you hopping Todd, they have a way of making us get up, go forward and do the things we don't feel like or that we thought we couldn't do!!
Please know Todd that my husband Steve and I and our family pray and think of you each and every day. I check your blog each day to see how you are. I know that you will overcome any and all obsticles even though it may take time. If there is ever anything we can do we are here. You have much support and prayers coming from San Diego. Keep on keeping on...
Gini and Steve Webb

Alta said...

Love you buddy. You guys are in my prayers. I am amazed by you.