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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eye spy

Todd finally got in to see the eye doctor yesterday. They sent him to Moran, because they are the end all, be all of eye doctors. He saw Dr. Wu and Dr. Tabin, who did a full work up. Their findings were that Todd's eye trouble is not caused by muscle weakness, but rather by a disconnect between his brain and his eyes. Apparently this is due to the location of his strokes.

They said that there may be anecdotal studies about some exercise helping, or "standing on your head with a sugar cube on your tongue" and Todd piped in with "shooting shark piss up your nose" (a line from the movie Cutting Edge.) They told us that there aren't really any proven exercises that he can do that are known to help (though if we want to try, it certainly won't hurt.)

They then referred him to the neruo opthical team for a full work up. They specialize in hot they eyes are connected to the brain. We went to the front desk to make the appointment, and found out that when they said full work up, they meant it. It is expected to take between 4-7 HOURS!! I can't even imagine what kinds of tests they could dream up that would take that long. I imagine that there will be more CT scans and MRI's involved, but I can't understand what else they could possibly do.

He will go in at 10:00 am, and at 4:30 he has a follow up with neurology, so it will be a marathon day for both of us. Fortunately this appointment isn't until the 26th, so we have a little while to help build up his stamina. I'm guessing that's going to be an Adavan day though.

And by the way, Sue and I continue to see daily incremental improvement. It's not always somethingyou can put your finger on exactly, but Todd is continuing to be more and more "there" and becomes clearer and clearer in his thoughts and communication.


Tali said...

I see finominal improvment! We loved seeing you guys yesterday! It was good to talk, hang out and eat. just like we would any other time. We love you! WE continue to pray for you! keep up all the hard work, and we would love to help any way we can.

Nancy Brown said...

Does the condition have a name? Ty has a optic nerve problem that causes his eyes not to be able to focus. it is because of the location of his bleed( AKA stroke) SO I was just curious if it had a name?

We sure hope he feels better soon. We love you both and pray for your family.

Barbara said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted. You are always in our thoughts and prayers but because we know you have a lot on your plate, we don't always want to bug you with phone calls asking for the same information you share with everyone at one here.

Timothy Thelin said...

Thank you for posting, even if it is just the little stuff, I really enjoy hearing about Todd. I usually check the site before I go to work in the morning and when I get home. I know you cant possibly update that much at all, but it is always nice to see something new.

Amelia said...

Nancy, they haven't given us a name for it yet, but I'm guessing they might be able to tell us after his marathon appointment. Where was Ty's bleed?