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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First day of school

After a breakfast of smoked sausage, eggs, and wheat toast, and with sack lunch in hand, Todd was off for his first day of school. But first he has to put in his time at work, which means that today is his first day back to 8:00-5:00 since his stroke. We are cautiously optimistic.

He is entering the Visual Media program through SLCC, formerly the Applied Technical College. We don't have many details yet of how the program is run, if it's a "go at your own pace" thing as has been described, or if it's more like a standard 2-year degree. We'll know more this afternoon.

He chose this program after much thought and prayer on both our parts, and we are betting against the odds here. His doctors have told him that because of the nature of his brain injuries, his mind doesn't work the same as it used to, and in his case it affects his ability to think creatively. That's the short version. And that he will probably not be able to be successful at his old job. I, on the other hand, being no expert in the brain as they are, imagine that it could prove to be very good for him to get back to what he did before, and that in relearning his former skill set, that new pathways can be established, prompting further healing, and feeling that much closer to "normal." I suppose only time will tell, but your prayers in his behalf would be much appreciated.

As to working, they moved his hours to all mornings, starting at 8:30. Or it might be 8:00, he couldn't remember. I advised him to assume this morning it was 8:30, in order to get that little bit of extra (much needed) sleep, and take the "it easier to get forgiveness than permission" approach. And be on time from here on out. The great thing about this program, run through the LDS Church, is that their goal is the same as ours. For Todd to be able to support his family. Therefore, they have told him that he only has to work a minimum of 8 hours/week to remain in the program. As Todd said, we're not married to the money he's making there (though it's been REALLY nice) and the important thing is for him to get the training and get back on his feet. So for now we're giving it until the end of next week to see if the 8-5 is going to push him just enough, or burn him out, before he has them cut his hours back.

He works until 12:00 today (or maybe 12:30?) and class starts at 1:00, so if you want to call and wish him well you have a very small 30 min to 1 hour window in which to do it, but I know he would appreciate the well wishes, and knowing that people are behind him and rooting for him.


Barbara said...

Congratulations! Wishing you the best.

Jj Starwalker said...

ya know, Amy, I think you have a good idea here with that program. As someone who is more whole-brain than one half or the other, I think there is a lot more to "creativity" than those who ascribe it to one half of the brain realize.

IMHO, lots of stuff that is ascribed to "being creative" is simply the result of folks looking at the world through their one unique "filters" and taking what is, to them, the next logical step visually or with words or clay or whatever their chosen medium is.

The difference between those who create and those who don't is (again my opinion) that those who don't let something (often fear of what the reaction from others will be) stop them.

Think of Bucky Fuller.. one heck of a "creative" guy, but it is all logic and math, really.

I am sure Todd will have his share of challenges but with everyone behind him, cheering and giving him a bump in the posterior if needed, he'll do fine.

I will continue to work on y'alls behalf, of course.