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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dang it, I forgot to take pictures!

We all managed to get out of the house by 10:00 today, which I'm pretty sure is a record of late. Unfortunately we were headed out to get to a Todd appointment which was at, you guessed it, 10:00. Fortunately it was with a therapist who happened to have the morning free, and was kind enough to consent to moving the appointment back to 10:30. Oh yes, and we were still a few minutes late. But it was all good. Oliver had a great time playing in the waiting room again, and gave lots of hugs to Diane, the secretary, who adores him. And he didn't break anything. Or throw up.

Got home and had some lunch, then Oli went down for a nap, and Todd and I worked in the garage some. Schlepped some boxes into the house, moved some stuff around, and then Oliver woke up, so that put an end to the productivity, at least where I was concerned.

Todd, on the other hand, rocked it. His slave driver, eh hem, therapist Heather came to our house for today's session to check him off on doing man-things required around the house, such as mowing the lawn. Thankfully, even through the snowstorm which had blanketed the mower for a morning, it still worked, and Todd was able to successfully mow the entire front lawn, thanks to some help, in the form of gas, from a neighbor down the street who happened by at an opportune moment (thank you, Doug!) We truly have the best neighbors. He also lent us his weed whacker, (is whacker spelled with an h? Wacker? Whacker? I dunno) so that we can edge the grass, mow down the nasties on the side of the house, and 86 the ground cover creeping out of the cracks in the drive way. However, that will probably be my job (or that of some helpful person who may stop by at some point looking for something to do. Hint hint, fathers :) ) Todd also got out a ladder and trimmed away the branches of the crazy alien bush/tree thingie that is trying to escape from the neighbor's yard, and which was scraping against the side of the house and giving me the willies at night. And he didn't fall off the ladder or cut his arm off. He did scare Heather and I though with a comment about seeing if he can find a hedge trimmer to borrow to trim back some more overhang further down. However at our terrified and "is he talking crazy? He's got to be talking crazy" looks, he reassured us that HE would not be using it, but volunteered his dad to wield the mini chainsaw. So if anyone has one of those, can we borrow it for Todd to NOT use?

Soon after Heather left, it was time for dinner, so I grabbed Todd tacos (Tuesday is Taco night at our house, thanks to Del Taco's 3/$1 deal!) and then Oliver and I went to the church for enrichment night. Hurray for nursery! I had a good time (though I still feel as anxious as a new kid in 7th grade) and Oliver did fine, I think.

So all in all, a highly successful day. Cause did you notice that there was no mention in there Todd taking a nap? Nope!


Camilla said...

go todd doing all the husbandly things! I am glad you all had such a good day and got so much done. so is there room in the garage for your car now?? I think todd should try his hand at watching Oli on his own sometime soon and we can go catch a late dinner or movie or just drive around ( or park since gas is alot) I need to get out of my house i tell ya! And i think you need to as well. :)

Thora said...

Wow that was a very busy day; I'm impressed. My life has no appointments in it all at, and I don't think I get that much done.

Tali said...

WoW! Todd you rock! We love you and injoy our wednesday/ monday nights with you guys!

Jj Starwalker said...

way to go!!

Wallace Girls said...

It has been a while since I have been on here to see how Todd has been doing, but I think of your family all the time! And I am still praying for you guys! Amy you are truly a magnificant woman! I have so much admiration and respect for you! I would still love to help out with anything you might need. I am so happy to read about the progress Todd is making. Is there a typical time of day that is good for a visit? email me or call me luckiestmommyever@yahoo.com or 649-5986 :) Love you guys!

Coolclan said...

Wow- more progress all the time!